Saturday, October 30, 2010

Green Onion Chimichurri

This recipe comes from the Maya Grill at the Disney Coronado resort. I had dinner on my own there one night at a recent conference. It was pricey, but not more than the dinner menu at my two favorite restaurants: Blue in Flagler Beach, and The Goblin Market in Mount Dora.

I opted for an appetizer (good) and a salad (beautifully presented) with a glass of a dry Argentinian white wine, Terrazas de Los Andes Reserva Unoaked Torrontes 2007. The wine was a find, and I recommend it if you like dry white wines. I was also served three pretty little rolls and a dish of green dipping sauce. This was the real hit of the evening.

I had not brought a book, or a crossword puzzle to pass the time between ordering and eating, but I had my trusty iPhone in my purse. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to annoy my son with numerous text messages and photos of my food. He's a good sport, and generally humors me. He's a good cook, too. Apparently my picture snapping and texting drew the attention of the manager, who hustled over to make sure all was well. When I complimented him on the lovely green sauce, he offered me the recipe. It was already printed up, so I don't think I am sharing any secrets here. Chimichurri is most often used as a marinade for grilled meats, but I have found it to be just right for grilled vegetables.

Makes 10 Servings

10 oz (weight) Green onion, chopped
20 oz (weight) Green pepper, chopped
10 oz (weight) Parsley, chopped
  5 oz (weight) Garlic, minced
  8 oz (volume) Olive oil
  4 oz (volume) Lime juice
  1 oz (weight) Coarse black pepper
  1 oz (weight) Salt

Blend all ingredients. Refrigerate until needed. Use creatively.

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